Keep Your Class Charged using USB Power Strips by @InstTechTalk

Just recently I was part of a conversation about how to manage situations where several students bring near-dead or full-blown dead devices to class. In a 1:1 environment, your iPad (or similar device) is your everything – likely including your textbook. Having it dead is just about as good as leaving your textbook at home.

So, plug it in, right? If your building is anything like mine, it was built at least 20 years ago when they never could have imagined that students would have individual mobile devices to assist in their learning. This means there is likely 2-3 power outlets in your classroom, in probably the least convenient locations possible.

So what is the answer? Sure, you could have a giant power strip (or several strips) to get students juiced up – but not everyone brings their power cable to class – and extra power bricks aren’t the cheapest accessories around.


My answer: several USB power strips around the room. Yep, you heard me right – a USB power strip. This cool accessory will let you plug in 4 usb devices into one strip. Simply buy this strip, plug in the USB end into an iPad power brick (or purchase an off brand for cheap) and plug it into the wall – instant cheap power!

You can even consider buying a batch of extra USB cables for student use, since those are much cheaper than the power bricks. If you’re a 1:1 building, you likely have spare cables and power bricks lying around – check with your building tech and see if you can borrow a few spares.

The best part about this quick fix? You can purchase it, shipped, for under $10.

Have another good idea for keeping devices charged? Reply in the comments below.

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@InstTechTalk Jeff Herb is the Director of Academic Support at Dundee-Crown High School in Carpentersville, Illinois. While his job entails supporting many things that supplement the classroom, the focus has definitely shifted towards instructional technology.


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