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iPads have made their way into the classroom, all the way down to elementary school. If you are a grade school teacher looking for fun apps to use in the classroom, this list is perfect for you. The options below make classroom learning fun and exciting, and you could share them with parents to enhance their children’s education.

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Here are the top 10 iPad apps for elementary teachers.

  1. Math Magic: This app is all about making math fun. It involves interactive games for adding, subtracting, word problems, and more. Your kid will feel like he’s playing a video game, when he’s really getting an education.
  2. Alphabet Fun: This app creates a game out of learning the alphabet, and it also teaches students about numbers and colors. Students can trace over letters with their fingers to help them learn how to write.
  3. Star Walk: This app teaches students about the stars, and it has won several awards for its outstanding graphics and interactive features. It shows more than 9,000 solar objects for students to learn about.
  4. Miss Spell’s Class: This app is designed to make students better spellers. It asks them to find missing words and then re-spell them correctly for points. Students can correct their simple mistakes and have fun at the same time.
  5. ArithmeTick: This app forces students to answer math questions under time constraints. They must struggle to beat the clock or risk losing points for their answers. That’ll get the hearts pumping!
  6. VideoScience: This app features short videos with cool science experiments. The videos are created by an award winning developer who uses creative techniques to make science easy to understand.
  7. This app is a full dictionary right on the iPad. Students can use it to look up words they don’t understand or discover new words they might not know yet.
  8. Wikipanion: This app gives students easy access to Wikipedia. You may not like using that site in the classroom, but it can be a good reference point or your students to start from.
  9. National Geographic’s World Atlas: This app gives students access to maps from around the world. It’s perfect for geography lessons or simple exploration in the classroom.
  10. Read Me Stories: This app offers a new talking picture book every single day. Rather than taking books home to read, students can just download the app and learn right at home.

Check out some of these free and low priced apps for elementary teachers and you’re sure to find something to use for your students.

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