What are Twitter Hashtags? by @MsLHall

Twitter hashtags can be very confusing especially for people who are new to Twitter. In a nutshell, a hashtag is any string of characters excluding spaces that follow a number sign (e.g. #cool or #whataretheytalkingabout).

Additional questions about Twitter hashtags include:

Who creates them? Anyone can create a hashtag.

What is the purpose of hashtags?  To categorize key words or phrases which can be easily found in a Twitter Search.

What do they mean?  Clicking on a hashtagged word displays all other Tweets marked with that keyword.  A popular hashtagged word usually becomes a Trending Topic.

How do you create a hashtag?  Compose a tweet.  Select a keyword(s) or phrase.  Insert a # in front of the selected keywords.  Viola!  You have a Twitter hashtag.
What is the hashtag etiquette? 
 - hashtags included in Tweets from public accounts allows anyone to search for that hashtag and subsequently view your Tweet.
 - Don’t spam with hashtags.  Don’t over-tag a single Tweet. It is suggested using no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet.
 - Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic.

Now that you have a better sense of what a Twitter hashtag is, I encourage you to try creating a hashtag with your next Tweet!

About @MsLHall

@MsLHall Lynda Hall is a secondary classroom teacher from Kamloops, BC, CANADA. She has been teaching Physical Education, Social Studies and English for 17 years and along with her classroom duties, she is currently the Technology Coordinator for her school. As Technology Coordinator, Lynda’s main responsibility is to encourage the educational use of technology among colleagues through collaboration and mentoring. She is also working towards a Masters degree in Educational Technology and Design from the University of Saskatchewan. Lynda is very passionate about integrating technology into her teaching practice and loves to share what she has learned with other educators.


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